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Our recipes are a legacy passed down to us by our founder, Bhagyalaxmi Tewary. She started baking at her home kitchen in Mumbai at the early age of 15 which kindled a lifelong passion for baking. She turned her dream into reality and started her own cookery classes in 2004. The simplicity and home-made character of her skill gave birth to Biskut in July, 2017.

Biskut Bakery - 8.JPG

Khushi and Aanchal grew up watching their mom either baking or cooking all sorts of cuisines. They would help out by typing out recipes, gathering ingredients and watching cookery shows for new ideas. So while Khushi set out to build a career in finance, and Aanchal was busy working in advertising, their hearts always yearned to nurture and champion the skills passed on by their mother.

Today, each recipe to come out from Biskut has been handcrafted and perfected over the years by Bhagyalaxmi. Every batch from the production kitchen is checked for quality by Khushi and ensuring a smooth flow of operations is in the hands of Aanchal. Biskut, is an embodiment of lifelong aspirations and the indomitable spirit of the art of Baking.

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